Dog Training All types of training are based on respect and rewarding.

There is an important link between successful dog training and the relationship you have with your dog . The training method used requires the owner to work together with his dog during all sessions , so that the owner progressively develops an understanding of his dogs temperament and character . At the same time , the dog learns to cooperate in order to please his owner whom he recognises as the leader . Dog and owner need to have a well established relationship, based on common trust, respect and understanding.

Obedience Training

This is the foundation of training . It includes all obedience commands of heel, sit, down , stay and
come . The goal is to challenge your dog to be fluent in all commands despite distractions.

Protection Training

This course is designed to increase a dog’s suspicion level and develop its natural instincts to protect his owner under any circumstance or place . It is designed for individual dogs that are confident and capable of accepting training on bite work whilst keeping a stable character . An excellent level a obedience training is prerequisite . Suitable for dogs 18 months and older.